Portrait Photography Tips

What is a Portrait?

Its a photo that shows a person (or occasionally an animal) in a way that communicates something unique about the subject.

If the shot communicates only the fact that the subject has a head and two ears and can look expressionless or embarrassed then you have FAILED. Pursue a career in passport photography.

A photograph is supposed to communicate something arresting, interesting or attractive about the subject. The camera can’t do this for you. You . . . → Read More: Portrait Photography Tips

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Here are some Portrait Photography Tips if you’re shooting on location, or in the subject’s native habitat.

7. Make the picture communicate something.

Probably you’re not trying to make the subject look good but you want to communicate something else.

Here’s a shot that communicates… something. But the subject probably won’t be showing it to any girlfriends.

8. Find the best angle.

You may not be able to direct . . . → Read More: Portrait Photography Tips p.2