Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Two

Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Two

bad-shot-250If You Can See Something Strange When You Are Shooting In Camera Stop And Fix It

Don’t allow an attitude of “shoot now and fix it with software later” to creep into your overall mindset of taking photos.

It is true that some mistakes and imperfections can be fixed or improved in post production but that fact comes with an inbuilt trap.

It can mean that you begin to abandon the process of photography and adopt the process of software correction.

The pro’s don’t look at it this way.

The pro’s constantly strive to take the best shot they can under the circumstances and look to their image editing software as a way to enhance what is already something good.

Manner Please! Always Keep Your Elbows In!

No, I haven’t deserted the subject of photography today and decided to just go with a subject I know even less about!

Keeping your elbows in serves two purposes in photography:

First: In the field of candid shooting the idea is to try and get shots that are… well… candid! It’s a bit hard to get shots like that and capture your target in a natural way when he, she, or it can see you out of the corner of their eye flapping your wings like a chicken!

They will be attracted by your unnatural stance and will want to turn in your direction to see what’s going on. For you, the budding candid photographer that spell the end of the “candid” moment.

Secondly: By shooting with your elbows in the air or at least away from your body, you reduce your ability to provide a stable platform for the camera.

Conversely when your elbows are tucked in you become a more stable platform.

Here are a few more tips for this week gathered from around the internet this week:

If you have ever wondered why the general color of your shots doesn’t exactly match the scene as you remembered it or… was totally different then it is likely you had a white balance problem.

Check out what white balance is and how you can manually set it to give a more accurate representation of what you are seeing.

For the average person shooting in low light means you end up with dark shots and that’s how life is! Alternately they go for flash which gives washed out two dimensional shots.

Take heart, it doesn’t have to be that way!

A general guide to help you with shooting in black and white. Sometimes black and white can add a whole world of feeling and emotion to otherwise plain shots.

OK! This is just silly but I couldn’t resist! I live in Taiwan and somehow it all makes sense to me!

As a parent I have been placed in the position of purchasing a camera for my son. What I found was that there is very little help available on how to go about that process.

Read this article for a good guide to making the best choice.


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