Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Three

Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Three

monkey-250Softly Softly Catchee Monkey… or at least gets the shot

Probably one of the greatest abilities anyone can bring to the table when it comes to photography is that of patience.

In fact patience combined with a sense of optimism are two ingredients you simply must have (or at least develop!) to get great shots.

It doesn’t matter whether you are snapping away at a children’s party, a friends wedding, a corporate event or a day at the zoo.

The ability to stop, wait… and wait… and wait some more whilst maintaining the attitude that your next great shot is just around the corner will reward you (almost) every time!

The great French candid photographer Cartier Bresson was said to have scouted his locations for sometimes up to a month before even considering taking a shot.

Then, he would simply position himself and wait, some days returning with no shots at all in the camera only to return the next day, and the next to get the shot he wanted.

Now I know none of us are going to go to quite that extreme but it is a good lesson in having patience and keeping uppermost in your mind that you WILL get a good shot.


Don’t Forget to Smile!

No, I don’t mean for you to get your subjects to smile… I mean you!

You may have noticed that when you take shots of people they tend to freeze a little or a lot as soon as you point that camera at them.

This is a pretty normal reaction by most people but as a photographer it enormously limits the type of shot you are going to get.

One way to REALLY get them looking serious is if you look really serious yourself. It has the effect (in their minds) if turning the camera into some kind of threatening apparatus which should be viewed more like a gun than anything else.

To get that sense of impending doom out of their minds one of the easiest things to do is simply smile!

News’n’Stuff From Around the Traps

First of all a few articles I came across that may help you if you are looking to buy your first DSLR camera. I don’t even pretend to try and keep up with the latest and greatest as far as newly released cameras go so hopefully these will help.

Next up some tips for improvising when you are in need of a tripod but don’t have one with you.

They say everybody loves a parade although I have never quite worked out who “they” are and from personal experience don’t really get that excited about parades but…

When it comes to color balancing and color correction I have to admit it is nothing but a source of constant frustration. I end up staring blankly at the screen and by the time I have made one or two changes I have totally lost perspective on where I was going and where I started.

Maybe this article will help.

Smartphone Photography Tips

Some handy tips on how to take better pictures with your mobile phone.

You may or may not have heard of a photographer called Bert Stern but it is very likely you have seens his iconic shots of Marilyn Monroe. Throughout his career he took over 2,500 shots of her and the results were some of the most iconic Marilyn photos ever taken.

Sadly he passed away recently and this article not only sums up a great career but links to some of his stunning work.

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