Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Four

Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Four

sunset-250Well there are lots of tips this week from around those internets so rather than me rabbit on and on… as I do! Let’s get into the good stuff!

Shooting Through Glass

First up a tutorial on a subject that rarely gets dealt with and something we have probably all come across in some form or another.

Shooting something that is behind glass or even shooting from behind glass (think moving car / airplane etc) can present a few problems to the average user and the result of those problems only becomes apparent well after the event when you are checking over your shots.

This article offers some good tips on how to avoid those problems.

Using Bright Colors

The appearance of extremely vivid coloring in a shot can be either aesthetically pleasing or a complete disaster!

Night Photography Video

A good video tutorial here on how to long exposures to enhance your night shots.

Writing With Light

When it all comes down to it what you are doing in photography is “light writing.” That’s exactly what the word “photo” – “graphy” means!

Learning how to “add light” which would otherwise be invisible in the shot can add enormous texture and atmosphere to your work. Smoke, fog and haze are just a few of the ways to achieve this.

That’s Deep Man!

Depth of field is a subject usually confined to discussions about focal lengths, lens and other technicalities.

Another perfectly valid and very worthwhile technique is by framing or composing the subject in your shot against various other objects and features that accentuate the depth of the shot.

More Videos!


Adding star bursts or sun-flares to your shots can certainly add to the overall effect but like all effects, overdoing it can make the whole thing look like a dog’s breakfast!

Remember when dealing with just about all post editing… a little goes a long way!

More on Composition

Rather than just endlessly search and read about the art / science / rules? of composition it’s a good idea to keep uppermost in your mind the whole point of the exercise.

What you are trying to achieve is a communication… right? So instead of searching for the perfect frame, establish your purpose in taking the shot in the first place.



Obviously one of the best things about summer is the opportunity it provides to get some great sunset shots.

However the tendency for the existing light to be predominantly aimed at the camera as well as the fading ambient light can makes for some pretty challenging conditions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shooting at this time of day.

Got the Blues?

If you happen to take a lot of shots outdoors on clear sunny days one of the downsides you may have to compensate for is a blue color cast that may come from that big beautiful sky.

Correcting this is relatively straightforward and can bring out more in your shots than perhaps you may have realized.

Wide Angled Macros

Macro shots can have tremendous photographic appeal as they get us up-close-and-personal with a wide variety of subjects, be they insects or flowers or intricate details of much larger objects.

However the impact created can be ramped up even more through the use of a wide angled lens.

Homemade Tips

Portrait Tips Based on a Master

Just because he never took a photo in his life doesn’t mean that Van Gogh didn’t know a thing or two about portraiture!

Here are some tips based on his work that you can incorporate into your own.

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