Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Five

Photography Tips of the Week – Twenty-Five

lens-250Welcome to week 25 of the “Tips of the Week” series where I try to gather up any and all simply fascinatin’ stuff from around the world of photography!

We have all sorts of tips this week and not just one, but two! Yes! Count them… two videos that should give you some ideas for your own photography.

Some good information here regarding lens and the different ways they “see” things. The lenses in your eyes have the capability of almost infinitely adjusting to their surroundings and what you want them to do.

Added to this they are usually attached to a brain… OK I said “usually, which further enhances their usefulness and seamless operation.

Not so with camera lenses:

Most of the tips on this site are squarely aimed at the amateur or beginner level and our hope is that we can help you improve your photography at least a little.

Like all of us I am sure at some point you have wondered about the more technical settings on your camera beyond the automatic “point and shoot” options.

I am also sure that most of you, when faced with the array of little symbols and numbers available in those settings quickly switched back to auto and never looked back!

Try this post for a gentle introduction to some of those settings.

Skylines at night shouldn’t be too hard right? After all there is all that ambient light from the city, natural silhouettes… what could possibly go wrong!

Well to start with your eyes see it all very nicely, unfortunately your camera sees it very differently!

One aspect to photography that does not get discussed all that much is that of textures.

Have you ever framed a shot reasonably well, composed it well, got the exposure right and seemed to have all elements in place yet the final product looked somehow wrong?

Often the cause of this can the textures of various elements in the image that are adversely affecting your perception of the subject:

More in the series on Macro Photography using wide angled lenses to create your images with maximum impact

Finally a great article on a super common subject… kissing.

If there is one human moment which when captured wrong can make your skin crawl or squirm with discomfort it is that of a poorly taken kissing shot!

Let’s face it, it is a great moment to catch right but so often it comes out looking just awful! Here are some tips to help you navigate this stromy sea.

4 ways to photograph kisses without getting awkward photos

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