How to Choose Photo Editing Software

As we have mentioned on many of the pages of this site, photo editing software can be used to correct or enhance many of your “questionable” shots.

In recommending any specific photo editing software we looked for the following characteristics:

Supported Image File Formats. The photo editing software had to support the most common camera file formats as a minimum but the ability to handle some of the more unusual ones was a bonus. Ease of Use. Not only easy to . . . → Read More: How to Choose Photo Editing Software

Photo Editing Software Reviews

Adobe Photoshop Elements

This is the little brother of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop holds such a dominant place in the pro market for photo editing and has held that position for such a long time that it has now entered the language as a verb. “That picture has been photoshopped!”

We think directing the beginner photographer to Adobe Photoshop as a viable choice for image editing software is a bit of an overkill!

However Adobe offer a simplified . . . → Read More: Photo Editing Software Reviews