Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor photography is one of the most satisfying things you can do with a camera because you’re recording the beauty of the world around you.

You can go at this as a pro or semi-pro with all the cameras and equipment, jargon, and technical terms or you can just skip all that and take great pictures you and your friends will oo-ahh over.Here are some simple outdoor photography tips to follow.

What you’ll definitely need:

1. A camera!

You’ve probably already got one, but if . . . → Read More: Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor Photography Tips P.2

This was taken standing (to get the angle), with the camera (Sony DSC 707) stressed against the strap. There is actually a tiny bit of movement in the wavelet but not in the rest of the frame.

This shot would probably not have been possible with a tripod unless it was a big heavy one and who wants to carry one of those down to the beach for a sunset swim?

8. Polarizing filter.

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5 Outdoor Photography Tips for Great Shots

1. Blaze away. You have a digital camera so what’s holding you back? Shoot lots and lots of pix.

If you can see it you can shoot it. If it looks good, pretty, beautiful, intriguing, colorful – go ahead and shoot it. Shoot it as soon as you see it. Then refine the shot, get a better angle, play around with the composition if you can, but don’t ‘wait for a better moment’. This . . . → Read More: Outdoor Photography Tips P.3