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Here at My Photography Tips we are big fans of approaching things on a gradient – especially new interests like learning digital photography!

There is ample opportunity for you to go hog wild on new digital cameras, image editing software and expensive tickets to the Amazon rain forests to explore your new passion in life!

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The 123 of Digital Imaging Review


**It has been some time since this page was first published.

Unfortunately the program called The 123 ofDigital Imaging seems to have been somewhat abandoned by the developer and although still available, seems woefully out of date.

** We can NO LONGER RECOMMEND this program with confidence due to the lack of response we have recieved to our enquiries to the author.

The program we are currently recommending is the FroKnowsPhoto Getting out of Auto course.

Click Here to See That Course


. . . → Read More: The 123 of Digital Imaging Review