Candid Photography Tips


Candid means frank, honest, open, truthful and sincere – how does that work with a camera?

Candid photography means you just shoot what you see – no rearranging the composition or using models – the photographer is “there” with the subject or scene and records it faithfully.

Usually a candid photo also means a standard lens like a 40mm or 50mm on an SLR – the human eye is 40mm so photographic genuises like Cartier-Bresson used a 40mm lens on his . . . → Read More: Candid Photography Tips

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For a viewer, candid can be an educated taste.

In an age with TV, the internet, when everything is being photographed with cell phones, most people are saturated with images and don’t see the finer qualities, so don’t expect your audience to see or feel what you saw and felt.

A photo should communicate something more than simply “I was there” but to do that you have to see more than is sometimes obvious.

The point here is that . . . → Read More: Candid Photography Tips p.2