The 123 of Digital Imaging Review

The 123 of Digital Imaging Review

**It has been some time since this page was first published.

Unfortunately the program called The 123 ofDigital Imaging seems to have been somewhat abandoned by the developer and although still available, seems woefully out of date.

** We can NO LONGER RECOMMEND this program with confidence due to the lack of response we have recieved to our enquiries to the author.

The program we are currently recommending is the FroKnowsPhoto Getting out of Auto course.

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About two years ago my friend Pete and I decided to put up this site. It was mainly in answer to a bunch of friends, family and other associates constant nagging questions about photography.

The reasoning was that if we put everything we knew on a website then all we have to do would be to refer them or anyone else to that. Job’s done!

It was always our intention to then find a suitable product to recommend for further and more formal study as we are great believers in getting the basics right from the start.

Getting the site up and running was no problem so then the search for a good digital photography course began… and went on… and on… and on!

Boy! There are hundreds of those things out there and mainly they fall into three categories of how to learn digital photography:1. The Crap.

No need to explain further… just crap.

2. The Overly Simplistic.

This is by far the biggest group of learn digital photography products or digital photography courses. The main problem with all of them is that they really don’t offer much more than is already on this site. They all seemed to us to be altogether rather… meh. (That’s a word now!) Nothing much to write home about at all.

3. The Overly Technical or Formal.

Some of these are very advanced and strictly for professional reference with no gradient approach for the beginner or mid-range photography enthusiast. The rest are just so dry and dull that the entire fun factor has been surgically removed and would seem to us, to cure you of any desire to learn digital photography forever!

So that’s where we were until we quite literally stumbled upon The “123 of Digital Imaging” so stand clear cos’ I am about to gush!

This product is an absolute cracker. It is not just some pdf file of stuff on photography but an entire interactive learning and reference interface.

It actually downloads as an executable file or you can also get it on CD but the thing is over 4000 pages long and totally cool.

The contents are just great, and every conceivable thing that you would want to know or learn about digital photography is in there. The interface of the program opens and just reads like a book however as you go through each section of the book you can proceed as a beginner or as an intermediate user or as a pro.

There are about 16 Chapters covering every aspect of digital imaging and by that I don’t just mean photography.

It covers choosing a camera, camera settings, file formats, accessories, choosing computer, file transfers, photo editing software, how to use image editing software, viewing images, printer software, how to adjust monitors for printing and it goes on and on!

For me the real kicker is the the way you can access the information.

If you want you can use the index to find the information you need right at that moment or you can use the search function from within the software.

Additionally you can start at the beginning at the newbie level and work your way through the entire body of the program. Having done that you can go back to the beginning and go through again at the intermediate level. Then finally you can go back through again at the professional level.

Alternately you can start at the newbie setting and when you find an area of interest or something you want more info on you can then check that chapter’s intermediate section as well as the pro section. Then as you move forward through the software you can go back to the newbie level and continue.

I just can’t see you needing any other reference beyond this for quite some time… not at least until you have your own studio!

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